Beers Paradise – Over 100 Beers From Around the World!


If you haven’t heard, or if I haven’t told you enough times on the video… I love beer!

Vince at Beers Paradise Makati beer bar

Some of my craziest stories and best adventures would not have been possible without beer. Some beers that have contributed to making those crazy stories possible are Bluemoon, Hefeweizen, New Castle, Fat Tire, Stone, FireHouse, Pyramid and more…

It’s only fitting that I finally check out the bar called Beers Paradise in Makati, Manila, where they boast over 100 different kinds of beers from all around the world! They should name it like beer nirvana, or beer heaven, or BEERS BIATCH!!! But I guess Beers Paradise works, too…

Beers Paradise Makati 100 different beers When In Manila

But yeah, this place is a sanctuary that knows and takes care of their beers! Each kind of beer here has its own authentic glass for them to serve it with! Now that is dedication! Have you noticed how much fun I have talking about this, or the stupid grin on my face throughout the video? Did I tell you I like beers?

Beers Paradise Girls night life Makati When In Manila

Drinking Sampling and Tasting Beer at Beers Paradise with friends WhenInManila.comYeah and I’m sorry… but I’m not a big fan of the local Philippine beers… I know a million patriotic Filipinos are gonna be all over me for that, but I don’t know what to say… I love the country… but not the beers… So I need to find refuges like Beer Paradise.

Beer at Beers Paradise Bar in Makati WhenInManila

Oh, and some beers you definitely need to try are the Bush 12… which is a Belgian beer that boasts 12% alcohol!!! Yes, a beer with 12% alcohol content… Oh boy… let me tell you about my friend named Jackie… she had one of these babies and she was a deer in the headlight! She was totally gone, and I don’t mean buzzed…. I mean drunk like a drunken hobo type… or even Tucker Max drunk on the Tucker Max scale… so yeah. Drink with caution.

Beers Paradise bar restaurant nightlife Philippines

Of course, also try the beers we showed footage of in this episode. Like the Desperados, which has a tequila taste to it. Or the Duvel which is a Belgian beer with a nutty flavor that’s their best seller. Or the Chimay which is brewed by Monks. There are only seven monasteries around the world from this order of Trappist Monks that produce beer, and Beers Paradise in Makati, Philippines serves it! Oh oh oh and don’t forget one of my favorite kinds of beers, Hefeweizen, of which my friends at Beers Paradise recommended the Konig Ludwig… MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm

Anywayz, this is dedicated to all the beer lovers around the Philippines and the WORLD!

Next time, When In Manila, come to Beers Paradise and try one… or five…. or eight of their over 100 different kinds of beers!

Beers Paradise

Address: 36 Polaris St. cor. Durban St. Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: +632 8959271, +632 895-9272 +632 896 0193
Hours of Operation:
• Monday to Saturday: 05:00 pm – 4:00 am
• Sunday: 5:00 pm – 2:00 am
Price Range: Php130 – Php300+ for a beer.
Cuisine: Drinks/Imported Beer

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