Beautiful Chocolates from Kokoa Hut


WHEN IN MANILA, nothing spells luxurious more than a box of delectable chocolates, with exception to the luxurious cupcakes I oh so love from Cupcake Lab. While walking around one of my favorite malls in the metro, I came across a kiosk that houses some of the most enthralling and tempting chocolates I have ever seen. That was when my love story with Kokoa Hut began.


Kokoa Hut has an extensive array of chocolates that are just to die for! Some of their chocolates are too cute for words while the others spell luxurious with a capital L, but nonetheless, all of Kokoa Hut’s chocolates are plain beautiful. Here are some of the chocolates from Kokoa Hut that can make anyone’s mouth water with desire.




As a kid I’ve always enjoyed munching on my sunflower seeds. So seeing Kokoa Hut’s chocolate coated sunflower seeds brought back so many good memories. It doesn’t hurt that Kokoa Hut’s chocolate coated sunflower seeds are amazeballs too! I couldn’t stop myself from finishing the whole pack in under ten minutes!





I love my chocolates with nuts! So it’s a no brainer that Kokoa Hut’s chocolate coated almonds would make it into my love list.





When I was about four or five years old, raisins was one of my snack staples. But as I grew older, junk food dominated my snack time. I must say, Kokoa Hut made me love raisins again with their chocolate coated raisins. Pure love!





Like Kokoa Hut’s chocolate coated sunflower seeds, I also fell in love in an instant with their chocolate coated pumpkin seeds. Who knew something as healthy as sunflower and pumpkin seeds can taste this good!





While the chocolates above are perfect for the tots, Kokoa Hut also creates chocolates that are just beautiful and glamorous. This assorted box of chocolates made me feel giddy. I most especially love the chocolate strawberry and the chocolate with Kokoa Hut’s seal on it.


So When In Manila readers, on a lazy Sunday night, have a relaxing night in, draw yourselves a bubble bath, pop open the champagne, and grab yourselves a box of scrumptious chocolates from Kokoa Hut WHEN IN MANILA.


Kokoa Hut


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J Confessions: Beautiful Chocolates from Kokoa Hut