Website Relaunching

1 copy is an online lifestyle marketplace featuring products from social enterprise- enterprise which basically answers to a particular social need and that more or less follow the triple bottom line principle- People, Planet, Profit. Online shoppers now have the luxury, ease and convenience of browsing through different high-quality lifestyle products- personal care, bags, shoes, accessories- of various social enterprises in one online marketplace. Currently, has the following brands under one website: Artwine, Denim Dimension, ECHOstore, Habi Footwear, Jacinto & Lirio, Karaw Artventures, Leyende, Loudbasstard, Mr. Kenkoy, and Plush & Play. creates an avenue for online shoppers to have a more responsible product choice, for a more responsible lifestyle.

It started last December 7, 2012 as a thesis project. After the graduation last March 2013, is continued by Adriann Caldozo and Jillian Mambalo. It continues and restarts with a bang with a re-launching event to further introduce the new revamped website. is still currently looking for social enterprises who are willing to partner with them and they can be contacted through Website Relaunching

May 25, 2013- Saturday-

 At Crafts Coffee Workshop, Broadway Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City

9:30AM: Program



            Website Introduction

            Social Enterprise Partner Presentation

            Product Presentation

            Open Forum


10:30AM:  Networking/Product Presentation


For phone interviews or e-mail interviews of, media can contact:

Adriann Caldozo, Co-founder, 0915 7677 061,

Website: Website Relaunching