Beach-Themed Bridal Sparty at Nail Cocktales D. Tuazon

Beach-Themed Bridal Sparty at Nail Cocktales D. Tuazon 

When in Manila, and your girl friend is getting married, throw her a wholesome and fun pampering sparty where she will be treated like a queen! Sparties are replacing the usual sexy bachelorette parties as this gives the bride-to-be some quality time with her friends while enjoying relaxing services that prepare her for the bigger event at the same time.

One of my girl friends is tying the knot soon and we found the perfect venue to hold her Bridal Sparty in Nail Cocktales D. Tuazon.

When we arrived, she admitted that she fell in love again – with the the beautiful ambiance and the teal color that reminds us of the beach – which perfectly goes with her beach wedding happening in Boracay.

Nail Cocktales D. Tuazon Ambiance

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty14

We love the combination of the white walls and teal couches that still look feminine.

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty16

The place still keeps the place chic with this fun corner couch in pink

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty9

The mocha ottomans perfectly complements the teal and pink colors of the salon.

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty10

Nail Cocktales D Tuazon also has a VIP Private Room that

can accommodate 4 guests

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty1

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty11

We felt like young girls inside Barbie’s Doll House when we arrived in Nail Cocktales – we want to have our picture taken in every spot and corner of the salon, until excitement died down and we found our nests. We were ready for the pampering treat!

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty12


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