Beach-Themed Bridal Sparty at Nail Cocktales D. Tuazon

Nail Cocktales SPAbulous Party Packages and Service

Choosing the color for your nails is quite a challenge, but selecting the services to avail of is like going to an international buffet. Aside from the usual manicure and pedicure services, Nail Cocktales also offers massage, waxing and nail art services. We were glad that Nail Coktales has ready packages for parties.


All we needed to do that day is to sit back, relax and enjoy ourselves while taking a sip of our Fruit Drink that comes free with the package.

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty1

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty13

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty17

The Nail Cocktales attendants are really nice and accommodating – even extending their services by taking our pictures and preparing us a table for the food that we ordered. I was told that they were all trained and certified before deployment.  They handle their equipment with much care, keeping cleanliness and sanitation in mind.

Organic and Gel Nail Polishes

I have a confession: choosing a good nail polish color is one of the hardest decision I recently made. It feels like you have 10 thousand men lined up in front of you, wanting to go out with you, but you can only choose one.

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty8

It was even made harder as Nail Cocktales also offers organic and gel polishes. I was torn that afternoon what kind of color and nail polish to get – or if I should just go with nail art? I had finally decided on getting a Gel Polish (with the help from blogger friend, Kath) and I am happy with it as it remains shiny and intact (even after almost two weeks!)

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty4

Kath loves the teal theme that she got the same color as the couch’s

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty111

Mine is like a nude-green blend

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty112

More colors and nail art designs

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty6

Organic Nail Polishes are good options to include in the beauty menu as more and more people are converting to organic lifestyle. It also gives pregnant women no excuse not to pamper themselves and get those pretty nails! They are oftentimes more expensive than the normal nail polish, and it is quite a relief to know that Nail Cocktales D. Tuazon has organic nail polishes. 

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty15

The bride-to-be chose this purple nail polish as she feels it is her year!

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty20

And I can tell she’s happy!

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty3

What’s good about sparties like this is that it is very relaxed – no need for fancy costumes, killer heels and toxic alcohol. It provides pampering experience that we seldom get to indulge in because of our busy schedules – a perfect treat for our girl friends, too.

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty21

After the 3-hour pampering, we extended the sparty by comparing our nail colors!

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty22

And cam-whoring!

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty112

We so loved the place, we never wanted to leave!

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty2

We are happy girls!

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty111

Thank you Nail Cocktales D. Tuazon for hosting this very intimate, fun and chic sparty for Au.

Pictures taken by Trishia Mariano.

When in Manila, get your friends together and visit Nail Cocktales D. Tuazon for an afternoon of pampering. Come as you are, no engagement rings required.

nail cocktales d tuazon sparty5

Nail Cocktales D. Tuazon

TCC Center, Unit E #190 D. Tuazon, QC

Contact Numbers: 0927-8340518 / 0998-4871246



Beach-Themed Bridal Sparty at Nail Cocktales D. Tuazon

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