Be Prepared to be Blinded by the Smiles of these 10 Filipina Celebrities!

Words by Joseph Cesar

Smiles are powerful. They convey a lot of emotion and, not only that, they are also universally understood. A smile can pierce through the bounds and limits set by race and language. With that, here are 10 of the country’s brightest smiles! (Note that these are in no particular order as every smile is different, but all are beautiful in their own way. Enjoy!)

10. Sam Pinto

Part of the Top 100 sexiest, her curves aren’t the only things sexy about her–her perfectly poised modeling shoots are well-complimented by her sexy smile.



9. Lovi Poe

With her face seen across billboards and advertisements, it’s not a surprise that she has one of the most beautiful smiles in the industry.



8. Andi Eigenmann

Her gentle personality perfectly matches her conservative smile, leaving you wanting more.



7. Nadine Lustre

Loud and proud, her wide smile shines just as much as her personality!



6. Julia Barretto

The young star’s smile is simple yet elegant and we can only expect more of those in her upcoming movies.


5. Cristine Reyes

She is a true veteran, being around for quite some time with a smile that we will never get tired of!


4. Gretchen Ho

We are thankful that she started newscasting so we can see more of her beautiful smile!


3. Erich Gonzalez

Are you kidding me? A smile like that should be considered a national treasure!


2. Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Ever since her lights-out performance for Siargao, we can’t get enough of her!


1. Bea Alonzo

Her charm whenever she’s on the big screen doesn’t come from nothing. Perhaps the secret is in her amazing smile.


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