Be Extra Fab with Primadonna Shoes!

When in Manila during the the holiday season, women have to glam up for parties. We want to be different and classy without being uncomfortable. So for the ladies out there, say goodbye to stress because Primadonna shoes are there to spice up your outfits. Shoes will do the thing if you think your dress isn’t quite doing the job!

Primadonna started with just three shops back in 2007 but it easily made its way to the top. It now boasts of 42 fashion outlets that house everything fab — glittery pumps, elegant stilletos, chic flats, sexy booties, and all the must-haves!

Honestly, I have ugly feet so just imagine how difficult it is for me to choose my shoes. When I go shopping, I like this or I like that but I almost always end up not choosing any because they don’t really fit me. So I’m really grateful to Primadonna for continuously offering customers like me with a wide array of styles that suit varied tastes. Whether you like your shoes dainty, fierce, androgynous, or what have you, Primadonna has it!

If you’re still having second thoughts on Primadonna, then you better take a look at the uber gorgeous Anne Curtis sporting their sexy heels!

My eyes on this one! This is just so awesoooome.

For now, these are my lovies:

Will I pass as a model? Lol. ^^

Primadonna shoes are eye candies, right? So what are you waiting for? They’re on sale right now and they really have great customer service! When in Manila, be extra fab with Primadonna!

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