This Eczema Relief Pack Will Help You Manage Your Kids’ Dry and Itchy Skin

Parents of young children and infants would understand the struggle of having to constantly manage their kids’ sensitive skin. Parents of children with eczema, most especially, exert effort in ensuring that anything their kids use or wear doesn’t aggravate their inflamed and irritable skin—from making use of gentle body care products to purchasing clothes that are 100% breathable.

However, in cases when the rashes do start to surface, it’s vital to have good eczema creams at the ready to keep the redness, itching, and swelling at bay. This Eczema Relief Pack by Bayer in particular puts together three products that each aim to help you control eczema symptoms quickly and efficiently!

bayer eczema relief pack

This Eczema Relief Pack includes the following:

  • Elica Cream – A mid-potent topical steroid that has anti-inflammatory properties and offers relief from itchy dry eczema.
  • Bepanthen Itch Relief Cream – A steroid-free cream that rapidly relieves itching and redness while promoting skin barrier restoration.
  • Bepanthen Sensidaily Moisturizer – A moisturizer that keeps the skin free from flare-ups for up to 3 months with daily use. This also has prebiotics which provides deep and lasting hydration to keep the skin moist and hydrated.

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Aside from eczema creams, it’s also important to strengthen your child’s daily immunity as well. Bayer’s Redoxon Triple Action Vitamin C supplement can help boost your and your family’s immune defense before starting the day’s activities, whether indoors or outdoors.

redoxon bayer shopee

It also has Vitamin D3 and Zinc for antioxidant protection. Plus, it comes in an enjoyable orange flavor that your kids will love!

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With Bayer’s self-care essential products, you and your family can live your best lives safe and healthy!

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