Bawal Clan’s New Music Campaign Takes Its Art Direction from the Philippine Elections

Bawal Clan is a hip hop/design oriented collective comprised of hip hop artists, vocalists, music producers, DJ’s directors, photographers, videographers, and graphic artists. Some of the hip hop artists being in the music industry for a decade – it shows a vast range of experience and knowledge of how to make it as a musician. They have all joined forces to make a super group of talented artists to make an imprint in today’s music scene.

Completely independent and without association to any major music labels, they are focused to make music that will resonate outside of the Philippines, and spotlight the talent that is here in the country.

Bawal Clan has just launched a new music campaign that takes its art direction from the Philippine elections.  The campaign “Bobby Bobbito” is a series of short video clips/design collaterals that lead to Bawal Clan’s new music video also entitled “Bobby Bobbito”.

The concept of “Bobby Bobbito” stemmed from the group’s DNA as a collective to put a new spin to all things traditional in today’s music scene. Bobby is a key person in the group’s day to day operation. He’s the group’s road manager/hype man/jack of all trades and is easily one of the funniest/genuine guys one would ever meet, if given the chance. This is an ode to him and shows the playful side of the team behind Bawal Clan. “In Bawal Clan, everything is permitted”.


Bawal Clan

Bobby Bobbito will be available soon on exclusively on Spotify and YouTube under Vevo.

New music, content, and an album are also on the way for 2019.

Bawal Clan

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