The Batch 3 #WIMterns Describe the When in Manila Internship Experience in Three Words

Article by Sophia Teaño

Wherever we go, we bring stories— of experiences, of memories, of lessons, of little and big details that make us who we are. Every person we meet holds myriads of stories. Whenever they unravel, we share who they are, even just for a little while.

2017 has been about so many realities and realizations, but there are instances that can bind those many things together. For the Batch 3 WIMterns, it was the When in Manila internship experience. From what once began as a brief of the ins and outs of the site, the interns have now created various meanings of what a WIMtern is. And while truth is that the internship may come to an end, the story that goes on through these interns will still carry on.

So, what is the When in Manila internship experience for the Batch 3 WIMterns? (Tip: you may check out the WIMtern’s articles by clicking their names!)

For me, the WIMternship was my means of growth.

As a 21-year old on the writing team, I initially signed up for the program to get in touch with my writing a little bit more. What I love the most about the job is that I got to explore the unpublished parts of Manila and that I got to encounter amazing people along the way.

It also thrilled me when our Managing Editor Angeline Rodriguez commended my article on my realizations about extending in college and when my article on Mt. Cloud Bookshop, a bookstore from my hometown, got 2,000 engagements on Facebook.

Being a WIMtern is about growth because I was able to prove myself that I could do all of the things that were expected of me. It built up my confidence – not only in myself, but in the people and relationships I’ve made through the program.

Happy. Challenging. Worthwhile.Jeanne Dizon, 26, Photography Team

“I signed up for exposure and experience. My favorite articles were the food articles. Through the internship program, I was able to practice my photography skills and acquire photos for my portfolio.”

SO MUCH FUN.Paulo Obia, 19, Photography Team

“I joined to gain exposure and experience. My favorite experience was the overnight stay in Batangas. What I like about being a WIMtern is the perks and being able to learn while I work. WIM gave me a chance to keep on doing things that I like and progressively improve while working. I managed to network and the internship served to be a confidence booster, as well.”

Challenging. Productive. Fun.Kat Mayuga, 22, Writing

“I joined When in Manila because I’m building my portfolio. I loved the Lazer Tag assignment! That was my first assignment as a photographer. Aside from having a lot of material to add to my portfolio, I also got to meet new friends.”

Opening myself up.Andre Barbarona, 19, Writing

“I chose When in Manila to complete my graduation requirements because a close friend of mine was a Batch 2 WIMtern. From my published articles, I love my wacky wrestling gimmicks the most. For an upcoming one, I’m enjoying a J-Pop article, and am thinking of pitching and hopefully doing a ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ article or video. Through WIM, I got a peek of the writing industry, which I want to enter after graduating from my Creative Writing course. Through the program, I learned how to adjust my own style to connect to a much larger audience.”

Wide. Interesting. Memorable.Gian Ferrer, 18, Graphics

“WIM is W – wide in terms of the variety of experience, I – interesting with their features, and M – memorable, because it was an unforgettable and great honor to be part of this program.

The fact that I could put When in Manila on my resume? I was already sold. I think my favorite article was the first ever feature offered to the batch, the Container Turf feature. It got me really full and I got to work with a fun and interesting group; it was like my first professional ganap in life. I feel like I learned to be professional with people. Although there were downfalls, I took note of them, so I could work on them in the future.”



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