The Batch 3 #WIMterns Describe the When in Manila Internship Experience in Three Words


“For experience and to build my portfolio, I joined the WIMternship. My favorite feature was for Novotel Manila because we had an overnight stay, plus unlimited drinks to the highest level haha. What I like best about the internship program is that you don’t really feel the pressure as you work because you are doing it with friendly and awesome people. WIM boosted my confidence, and it helped me become open-minded.”

Chill. Flexible. Fun.Arvin Chavez, 18, Graphics

“I interned for When in Manila so that I could make use of my graphic design skills on a professional level, to make more connections, and to learn stuff outside of college. My favorite article was the one for Container Turf because I gave a lot of effort making graphics with my co-teammate, Gian Ferrer. In terms of the experience, it was the bonding with my team after doing the Container Turf feature because we got to know each other a little bit more and it was kind of chill. What I like best about the internship program is that it’s flexible in the sense that they don’t require you to go to their office all the time. Nonetheless, they teach you some etiquette like showing up earling than the given time, how to act with clients, and how to come up with quality work.”

Opportunities. Fun. Unexpected.Verna Sevilla, 17, Graphics

“My friend told me to accompany her for the internship, so we both signed up for When in Manila. I found my assignment for a planner launch to be unforgettable, because everyone in their office knew me after they accidentally printed a lot of IDs for me; everyone kept asking, “who is Verna Sevilla?” I also had this super unexpected interview with my favorite authors, Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian! What I like the most about the internship program is meeting people from other campuses, and even personalities from publications whenever I go to assignments—I started building connections. By signing up for the WIM internship, I got a lot of opportunities; my communication skills were enhanced; and I became less awkward meeting new people.”

Awesome. Exhausting. Worthwhile.Christian Viñas, 20, Writing Team

“I joined the internship because my Tita suggested that I go for it. My favorite articles would be the food-related assignments, as well as the concerts! When it came to the internship program, I got to meet a lot of people who I’m sure will be helpful in my future ventures (if I end up becoming a full-time writer instead of becoming a police). WIM helped me greatly because I have been so shy and anti-social ever since my friends graduated; I was kind of by myself. Through the program, I got to know a lot of people from other publications, and got to casually talk and interact with people whose works I only got to read from newspapers before.”

Insightful. Rewarding. Enjoyable.Salie Agustin, 19, Graphics

“I initially interned for When in Manila for the experience and the perks. My favorite experience is a recent feature, when we went to Sandari Batulao, a lovely place with very accommodating people. Being with my fellow interns also added to the value of the experience. I think I have improved a lot since the first day. I learned to balance my time, communicate better with clients, reach out and get out there, and grab as many experiences as possible.”

The Batch 3 WIMterns initially had different reasons for joining When in Manila’s internship programs, and will inevitably go their different paths. But essentially, we’re all bound by this particular experience. Through the program, we’ve met different people, experienced different opportunities, and improved and learned a little more about ourselves.

Being a WIMtern inevitably meant different things to different people, but it will always be part of the myriads of stories we’ll hold. If you’re ready to experience being a #WIMtern, you can check out the details here and begin creating your meaning of this story!


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