Batanes Needs Our Help

The recent Typhoon Ferdie left Batanes devastated. Trees are bent, roads are littered with scraps, electronic and communication lines are down, and food sources are destroyed. This beautiful island in the north needs our help.

Take a look at this post shared by Facebook user Myles Liquigan:

Super Typhoon Meranti (local name Ferdie) ripped iron roofs off houses in Batanes. There are fallen trees, so cars and jeepneys can’t get through many roads. Most concrete structures withstood the fury but communication lines and power are out. Government C130 can’t even make it as airport is closed.

While you are blindly following the puppet masters that is media and politics, please don’t miss out on other important and urgent matters such as assistance and support for our brothers and sisters affected by the Super Typhoon. Not a single news crew to cover the situation! Kamote!!!

BATANES may be the northern most province but heck it’s still part of the Philippines that you all claim to love! #BangonBatanes

#NoWater #NoElectricity #NoCommunicationLines

See the original post and more pictures of a distraught Batanes here:

Stay strong, Batanes.

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