Barkingham: Your Pet’s New Favorite Grooming Salon, Vet Clinic and Hotel

Just like hoomans, our furry babies deserve some tender love and care too!

Thus, for your pet‘s next grooming session, why don’t you take him/her to Barkingham?



Barkingham is a professional grooming salon and vet clinic located in Quezon City that will make sure your pets are healthy and pampered. Fret not, cat lovers, although the name suggests ‘bark’, the place welcomes both cats and dogs.


Here’s my kitten, Pheebo, during his recent salon day at Barkingham.


He had a Full Groom which includes nail and paw trim, ears pluck and cleaning, sanitary trim, basic shampoo, teeth brush, warm blow dry and custom coat styling by their head stylist with a luxury cologne finish.


You may also get a la carte services like nail clip, pads shave, hair trim, etc. which only range from P 50.00 to P 300.00 or packages like Tidy Ups for a basic clean-up and Bath and Brush Out.


After all the trimming, washing and drying, their resident veterinarian will check your pets’ health to make sure they are not only looking good, but also feeling good. After that, you can have a photo op at Barkigham’s signature wall.


Soon, they’ll be offering their hotel services, as well. For the mean time, you may leave your pets under their Dog Care feature and go to work guilt-free!


1321 E Rodriguez St, Quezon City
475 – 5026