LOOK: Barkada Holds Online PowerPoint Party via Video Call Amid Social Distancing

Two weeks of complete isolation has changed people’s social lives dramatically and we now have found ourselves at the mercy of video conferencing tools and online party games to keep us sane amid this quarantine.

All of a sudden, friends who don’t normally see each other are hanging out every night via video chat, discovering newer ways to stay entertained day by day.

And while others are content with online trivia games and “e-numans,” my group of friends wanted to do something different—levels beyond the usual “getting to know you more” sessions (because, honestly, what “more” is there to know about each other after all these years). And after four days straight of random evening video calls, it took one person’s suggestion to plan a PowerPoint Party—a TEDx talk-inspired session wherein you create a quick presentation on a topic you’re passionate about—to realize just how bored we all were.

We even have a poster, guys

So there I was, spending my free time after work hours preparing a proper presentation for my friends because my Leo Sun wasn’t going to let myself put on a “basic” show.

Fast forward to Sunday, when all of us were half-dressed (emphasis on the “half”) in semi-formal attire, ready to learn things from each other in 10 minutes or less.

Just flexing how ~extra~ my barkada is

Unironically, it was one of the most productive and enlightening sessions I’ve ever experienced with my friends, who I was used to being weird and stupid with on a regular basis.

We learned the basics of reading and writing in Korean and Filipino Sign Language, got a crash course on Tarot Reading and Scriptwriting, realized just how much money was involved in Franchising, and even arrived at the conclusion that “wrestling is like a soap opera for men.”

One of my friends even went the extra mile to draw illustrations for his presentation on a brief introduction to Dungeons and Dragons. The dedication. The talent.

Source: Instagram.com/carloptemplo

So if you ever want to be ~extra~ with your friends, try this out for yourselves.

How is your barkada coping with social distancing? Share your stories in the comments!

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