Barcino Offers a Fresh Take on Spanish Cuisine in Boracay With Chiringuito by Barcino

Locals and travelers in Boracay are up for a tasteful Spanish adventure in paradise. Opened last February 10, 2023, Barcino has brought Spanish flavors to the island paradise with its new concept called Chiringuito by Barcino.

Chiringuito by Barcino Boracay

Image: Chiringuito by Barcino Facebook

Located at Canyon de Boracay in Station 1, Chiringuito by Barcino brings delicious Spanish fare to the island with fresh new flavors where travelers and locals alike can enjoy fresh seafood, unique concoctions, and coffee to kickstart their days in paradise.

For Chiringuito, the best travelers are those who explore away from the center. The restaurant wants to reward every explorer that goes out of their way to seek the freshest flavors. Chiringuito shared, “When you arrive at our door, we want you to feel a certain awe—as if you had discovered a new island altogether.”

Chiringuito by Barcino Boracay

Huevos Benedectinos con Jamon y Espinacas | Image: Chiringuito by Barcino

Chiringuito offers the freshest ambiance—one that would never be expected tucked within a hotel. It’s your own oasis. A secret spot you can’t help but share. Chiringuito by Barcino promises to offer the most colorful and most delicious Spanish fare with the freshest seafood that’ll leave a lasting impression. And of course the freshest concoctions, too: drinks you’re meant to taste and remember.

Traveling to Boracay soon? Find your way to Chiringuito and experience the best of Spanish cuisine on the island.