Bar Pintxos, Tapas Y Mas: A Great Spanish Restaurant for a Night Out with Friends

I am not keen on visiting the same restaurant twice as I feel there are so many options to try out there. So, on a recent Friday night out with friends, when the organizer of our group picked a place I hadn’t been to yet, I was incredibly relieved. It was a great choice because the restaurant is currently part of T. Dining’s Best Bestaurants for 2019.

Bar Pintxos, Tapas Y Mas has long been dubbed as Alabang’s secret gem and this literally seems to be the case, even though we visited their branch in Salcedo Village, Makati instead.

So what exactly are Pintxos and Tapas? How do we differentiate one from the other?  While in essence both are considered snacks or small meals, Tapas originated from the Center of Spain, are commonly shared, are typically served on small plates, and have historically been served as complementary dishes. Pintxos, on the other hand, originated from Basque country, are eaten individually, usually have bread as the base and elaborate toppings pinned with a toothpick.

Pan Con Tomate Con Jamon Serrano (Php240)

This dish of bread with chunky tomato spread and topped with dry-cured ham is very light and refreshing. The ham is not overly salty, either. This tastes delicious to me.

Chorizo Frito (Php250)

I recently watched a series that said that anything fatty and oily gives immense flavor. This Fried Chorizo Bilbao is a perfect example of that. Although I’ve tried better versions, this is still a good dish made from quality ingredients.

Salmon (Php200 per piece) made from Smoked Salmon, Goat Cheese, Truffle Honey and Caviar.

I like the salmon perhaps because I am such a big fan of New York’s Lox Bagel Sandwich. Having almost similar ingredients, I appreciate the silky and salty texture of the fish combined with the creamy cheese and the fancy texture that the caviar brings. These Pintxos were gone after just a couple of bites.

Burrata (Php220 per piece)

Made from Burrata cheese, Chistorra Sausage, Honey, and Caramelized Onion, this really stood out from the other Pintxos! The right balance of flavor and the texture are just remarkable. The cheese is so velvety that it melts in your mouth, the caramelized onions give off sweetness, the sausage is savory, and the bread is baked perfectly – a complete package!

Paella Mixta (Php350)

Made from chicken, shrimp, and chorizo; this dish has much bigger servings than all of the Pintxos combined, and can easily serve two people. Order this if you’re looking for a filling meal.

Gambas Al Ajillo (Php440)

Al Ajillio literally means to be marinated with garlic and this dish consists of prawns, garlic, and chili. The prawns are succulent and the spiciness level are not too overpowering.

Tortilla Patatas Chorizo (Php275)

With three of my favorite ingredients combined – eggs, potatoes, and chorizo – I don’t think I would ever get tired of eating this everyday. This dish has such simple ingredients, but it gives off very comforting and hearty flavors at the same time.

Spanish cuisine is always a good idea. This is the type of cuisine we can all identify with because of our colonial past. Head on to Bar Pintxos if you want a light meal as part of a fun night with friends. It will be such an exhilarating experiencing as you get to choose and sample out a multitude of small dishes. It is never a dull experience anticipating how another order of Pintxos would taste and look like.

Happy First Anniversary to the Salcedo Branch!

Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas – Salcedo

San Augustin, corner Sedeño, Makati


Instagram: @barpintxos


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