#BalikTanawSVT: Filipino Carats Celebrates Ideal Cut In Manila’s One Year Anniversary

On September 29, 2019, exactly one year after Ideal Cut in Manila transpired, Carat Land Philippines, a local fanbase for the K-pop group, SEVENTEEN, organized an event to celebrate and look back on the beautiful memories of the Manila leg of the concert that took place at the Mall of Asia Arena, the same day last year. 

The event entitled, “Balik-Tanaw: The Enchanting Memories of Ideal Cut in Manila” has gathered a total of 70 attendees in both Batch 1 & 2. Since the said event has limited slots, only a few lucky Carats (SEVENTEEN’s fandom name) were able to make it to the final cut of the attendees, and those Carats surely had a great time in reminiscing the best moments of the said concert together with their fellow ‘stans’.

The event place was filled with SEVENTEEN fan arts made by talented Carats, merchandise displays, the memory wall wherein photos of the fans who submitted their favorite shots from the concert was shown and of course, the inclusions of the tickets to enter the event which are the air holder, photocards, banners, postcards and stickers.

Carat Land Philippines also gave out official and unofficial merchandise for their raffle and exciting games that undoubtedly hyped the attendees. One worth mentioning part of the event happened during the game ‘HIT FANCHANT’, a game wherein those fans who volunteered needs to recite the popular SVT fanchant, where you need to recite the full name of each member alphabetically and then backward. Although the challenge was hard, the prize that awaits the fan who won was truly worth it, as she receives one version of ‘An Ode’ album which was released just 2 weeks ago. Now talk about worth the struggle!

“Thank you for coming to our first-ever event, it’s our pleasure to see you celebrating the one year anniversary of Ideal Cut in Manila with us”, said Julius Cantos, the President/Head of Carat Land Philippines during the closing ceremony of Balik-Tanaw.

The event took place at the ‘Smile To Go’ Milk Tea, J. Barlin Branch in Sampaloc, Manila. Want to check out more about this event? Just search for the hashtag #BalikTanawSVT on twitter.

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