Bacolod : Calea Cakes & Nena’s Rose Chicken Inasal


When in Bacolod, the best restaurants for any foodie on a quick trip there would be : Calea & Nena’s Rose.  There’ something sweet and authentic in store for you here.


We were there to shoot a wedding and decided to stop by Calea for some sugar-rush to pump us up for a long day ahead.


calea bacolod 4



Anyone would instantly love the store design & interiors Calea had which was very shabby chic.  Good prelude to things decadent and sweet!



calea bacolod 1

calea bacolod 9


Bacolod may have a lot of sweets for us to take back to Manila, but one thing you have to consume on the spot is the mud cake!  Ice cream and cake rolled into one.  This topped my list already on the first bite.

calea bacolod 2

We got everything chocolate that day – chocolate cake & chocolate mousse.  The cake had a very soft texture and the mousse was firm but melted right away in the mouth.  Talk about death by chocolate.  Heavenly!

calea bacolod 3

And again, it never fails to make me hungry in the middle of writing about food.  This is not good for my nonexistent diet.

calea bacolod 4

To top that, we also ordered a walnut sandwich that was huge.  Had to put my lenscap next to  it to show its size. I wish servings in Manila were this big.

calea bacolod 6

The club sandwich was also big, good for sharing for three people.

calea bacolod 8



Chomping it all down! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!



calea bacolod 7
But the best part were all the other cakes in the chillers.  Talk about a one sweeeeet haven!



calea bacolod 10
calea bacolod 13



The next day after we had captured a beautiful wedding we were ready to be captured by authentic Bacolod Chicken Inasal at Nenas Rose 2.  A lot of locals always recommend this place, be it in the Manokan area or here.  Unlike Calea where its airconditioned and there was that daintiness to it, here you have to be ready to dine in fresh air, and better yet with your hands!  Cowboys are very much welcome.



chicken inasal bacolod nena rose 1


The chicken is roasted just right, it’s really tender and juicy, which differentiates it from most Chicken Inasal.  The secret is that it’s cooked only upon ordering.



chicken inasal bacolod nena rose 5


And you have to eat it with garlic rice with chicken oil poured on top to match.  That’s what makes it a truly authentic chicken inasal experience.



chicken inasal bacolod nena rose 6
chicken inasal bacolod nena rose 2



Just outside another treat was waiting for us.  Bacolod is full of seafood and the oysters outside is a commom scene for restaurants like these.



chicken inasal bacolod nena rose 7
So we ordered some in and had it steamed in the restaurant.  This was just 50 bucks.  Really not bad!



chicken inasal bacolod nena rose 4


The Pecho and Paa where just around PhP 60 – PhP65, the rest of the menu was really affordable.


chicken inasal bacolod nena rose 3
chicken inasal bacolod nena rose 8



So after finishing 2 pieces of chicken each, rice and oysters, we went on our way back to our diets & Manila and  promised to come back again to Bacolod for another round of this sumptuous food.  Aside from the great people, places & weddings, this is why I love coming back to Bacolod.



When In Bacolod, these top food havens will surely make your trip worthwhile.




G/F Lourdes C Building
Lacson Street
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
(034) 433-8664



Nenas Rose II
NARRA EXT Brgy Villamonte
Bacolod City
(034) 476-1259