The Backstreet Boys Brought Back So Many Memories During Their Concert in Manila

I’ve been a fan of the Backstreet Boys ever since they were formed in 1993. I still remember how my sisters and I beautifully transitioned into becoming hardcore fans, especially after Take That decided to disband in 1996. I was in love with Kevin Richardson and my Ate was in love with Nick Carter. I had all of their birthdays memorized. Our bedroom walls were filled with posters ripped out of teenage magazines. We even had pillows of them on our beds. When I was 8 years old, I went to my first ever concert – and yes, it was a concert of the Backstreet Boys.

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So, naturally, when I heard we were going to cover their concert here in Manila this year – almost 25 whole years since I last went to their concert – I almost cried. And when I got to MOA Arena and they opened with ‘The Call’, a song that hurts so much more now than it did when it came out when I was 12 lol – I found myself unable to hold back the tears.

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There they were: Howie, AJ, Brian, Nick, and Kevin. On-stage. In Manila. Bringing back all of the songs of my childhood and early teenagehood. Dancing the way only boybands of the 90s dance. And still looking as good as ever.

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Reminiscing through their music aside, there were many other memorable parts of their concert that drove their fans into a frenzy. For starters, they talked about their past as a band and how Nick was only 12 when they started out (that really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?)

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They also sang a lot of songs from their new album, DNA (if you haven’t listened to it yet, get on it!!!). They sang acapella. And OMG, AJ and Kevin changed their clothes onstage!!! Okay, they were behind curtains, but still. In true 90s style – the way their fans used to throw their bras and panties at them onstage – AJ and Kevin also threw their underwear into the audience.

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It isn’t everyday you get to witness the evolution of a band over two and a half decades, and I’m glad I was able to be there throughout their journey. The best part is being able to see the guys’ camaraderie onstage and seeing them still having so much fun after all of these years.

Special thanks to MMI Live for bringing the boys – or, well, the men – to Manila for their DNA Tour!