BackJoy Core Lux Can Help You with Your Posture

These days, people are much more conscious about their health and well-being than they used to be. Left and right, we see talks, retreats, and different types of exercises that claim that they can help make our lives a little better and a little healthier.

Enter BackJoy SitSmart Core Lux with its tagline: “Posture is the new luxury”. If you’re wondering what it can do and if it can really live up to its promise, read on.

I was invited to a Yoga Chair session in Rebel Yoga MNL’s studio in Makati to experience the latest addition to the BackJoy family, the Core Lux. I’ve always been intrigued and curious as to what BackJoy has to offer for a work-at-home mom like me. Does it really bring joy to someone who sits for almost half of the day?

Before we all got sweaty and strong, the bubbly and lovely Ms. Doreen Lee, Sr. Regional Brand Manager for Southeast Asia for BackJoy (who actually flew in all the way from Singapore!), gave a short talk about the all new BackJoy SitSmart Core Lux. I learned that it was first launched here in the Philippines! It is also the third product from the same line, making it the comfiest among the three products.

Ms.Doreen unveiled the BackJoy SitSmart Core Lux for the first time here in the Philippines while talking about the importance of keeping our spines straight and engaging our core every time we sit down.

Ms. Doreen Lee demonstrates the SitSmart Core Lux

“Intended for added support for office chairs, dining chairs, and car seats, the all-new SitSmart Core Lux sitting device features an easy-to-maintain, ultra-fine microfiber for that ultra-plush and super soft touch as well as a broad-seating and bowl-shape surface. This ergonomic seat design helps to cup and activate the gluteal muscles which are the most important muscles for stabilizing and initiating movement.”

After Ms. Doreen’s introduction, we were all set to use our Core Lux. NASM-Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor Carla Isabel Paredes Gadi was there to lead the session. She integrated the Core Lux and the BackJoy Massage Balls into each pose. I love how it made the movements more challenging, making us engage our core even more.

Some Chair Exercises

I love how the Core Lux can keep your spine up and help you with chair exercises at the same time, whether you are at home or in your office!

Fly high!

BackJoy Massage Balls

Another product of BackJoy that I enjoyed is their Massage Balls. They are so versatile that you can use them for your back, hands, or feet. You can also adjust or remove the balls and use them as you please. Very relaxing!

BackJoy SitSmart

SitSmart Posture Core – the first from this line

SitSmart Core Traction – lightweight, easy for travels

SitSmart Core Lux

The SitSmart Core Lux is true to its promise. The luxurious design and the product’s anti-slip function truly brings comfort and keeps your hips upright as you go about your everyday tasks while sitting down.

Fun Day for EVERYONE!

The BackJoy SitSmart Core Lux retails at P4,990. Truly a good investment for your health and well-being!

BackJoy SitSmart Core Lux




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