Bacardi Philippines – Untameable Since 1862 Launch

Bacardi announced its presence in the Philippines with a bang during a party at Amber Ultralounge, Bonifacio Global City. Bacardi brought its new global campaign, Untameable Since 1862, to our shores with a press dinner, followed by a night of cocktails and music from some of the metro’s most well-known DJs.

Bacardi Philippines – Untameable Since 1862

One of the highlights of the night for me was the history portion of the event. Brands with a certain level of legacy love sharing their respective glamour and pomp from yesteryear. Bacardi’s history is a little different from that though.

Bacardi Untameable - Philippines Poster

Bacardi Philippines – Untameable Since 1862

The campaign name offers a clue as to the coloured history of the brand. Bacardi’s first distillery was burned to the ground in 1880, almost ruining the family-run business (which has been producing top quality rum since 1862). If recovering from a fire wasn’t a big enough of a rebuilding challenge, Bacardi also went through not one, but five earthquakes, causing even more damage to both the business and its facilities. Bacardi went through tough times during the Prohibition of the 1920s, as the sale, production, importation, and distribution of alcohol was banned. The final mountain of an obstacle overcome by the Bacardi family was being kicked out of their own country, when Cuba (their motherland) was controlled by then-dictator Fidel Castro. 

Fire. Earthquake. The Prohibition. Exile.

Still standing. Untameable

It’s 2014 and Bacardi is thriving, producing quality rum that is exported around the world and used in some of our favourite cocktails. No wonder the brand’s campaign is aptly titled “Untameable Since 1862!”

Bacardi Untameable - Cuba Libre How To

Bacardi’s Cuba Libre

The family business expresses its passion through some of their trademark rum mixes, and having enjoyed more than my fair share of the drinks, you should try making them at home too! Of course, use only the best rum to get the best results.

Bacardi Untameable - Mojito How To

Bacardi’s Mojito

Bacardi Untameable - Rum Old Fashioned How To

Bacardi’s Old-Fashioned Rum

What also tickled my “digital self” was when Bacardi introduced the press to their mobile application, the “Walk the Line” app. Encouraging responsible drinking, the app helps you with overconsumption of alcohol. Useful and definitely something that can save your life (or a loved one), get it now from the Google Play store! 

Download the Bacardi Walk the Line app here.

So what is the Bacardi “Untameable Spirit?” According to the brand, it is “going through with your passions even when something bad gets in the way.” Can’t argue with that.

Bacardi Philippines – Untameable Since 1862