Author: JP Sium

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Meet the Newest Heartthrobs of GMA7!

Last January 9, 2017, GMA aired one of their newest TV series entitled “Meant To Be”. It is a show about a bubbly and street-savvy girl name Billie whose daily life will never be the …
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3 TV Shows to Look Forward to This 2017

Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things – you name it. These are most people’s favorite shows and fans are dying to watch the next seasons. The aforementioned shows aren’t set to return until mid-2017, though, …
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5 Reasons Why We Love Little Owl

In the quiet neighborhood of New Manila, Quezon City lies an almost undiscovered neighbourhood cafe called Little Owl. It just opened a few months ago and has already attracted residents, students, and workers around the …