5 Reasons Why We Love Little Owl

Little Owl

In the quiet neighborhood of New Manila, Quezon City lies an almost undiscovered neighbourhood cafe called Little Owl. It just opened a few months ago and has already attracted residents, students, and workers around the area. It made quite a buzz on Instagram because of its very picture-worthy ambiance – one of the reasons why we wanted to try it out. And since we were on our holiday break, we finally did.

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True enough, the pictures did not disappoint. It looks exactly like it does online, if not better. We also got to talk to Little Owl’s Freelance Marketing Consultant, Ms. Rizza Villaflor, and their head chef, Sir Anton Gantuangco, about the whole place and the inspiration behind their menu. Overall, we had a pleasant dining experience at Little Owl.


Here are 5 reasons why we loved Little Owl so much:

5. The Warm Ambience

Upon entering Little Owl, you will be welcomed by great lighting and a warm breathing space because of its high ceiling. Suitable for bonding moments with your friends or family, it’s the perfect everyday place for an Instagram heart-swooping photo with people (and food) you love.

Little Owl

4. All-Day Breakfast Meals

Not everyone has the time to eat breakfast in the morning. Since people are usually rushing to get ready for school/work, they tend to forget to have the most important meal of the day. Worry not, though, because Little Owl serves ALL-DAY BREAKFAST. Now, you can say hello to pancakes any time of day.

Little OwlFluffy Banana Pancake (w/ maple flavored syrup) – good for two – Php195

3. Easy-to-Find Location

We kid you not when we say Little Owl is not hard to miss. It’s literally right beside the Mcdonald’s branch at E. Rodriguez corner Broadway Avenue and has a big signage that you can easily spot even from a block away. Luckily for their customers, they also have a big parking spot, so you won’t need to worry about anything when you drive to the cafe.

Little Owl

2. Affordable Yet Big Servings

Contrary to the name of the place, Little Owl serves BIG servings – and always with a twist. Don’t miss out on their main courses like the Thick Cut Bacon and the Grilled and Poached Sausages – definitely some filling and hearty meals.

Little OwlThick Cut Bacon Steaks (w/ apple marmalade served w/ eggs of choice) – good for two – PHP450

Little OwlGrilled & Poached Sausages (w/ tomato jam served w/ eggs of choice) – good for two – PHP430

1. Great Events Place

Try inquiring at Little Owl for your next event. The place is spacious and neatly designed and your attendees will surely be able to snap tons of beautiful pictures. The amount you’ll pay for the venue rental is also consumable. Talk about convenience and value for money!

Little Owl

If you’re looking for a quiet place to just relax and enjoy a sip of coffee or two, head on over to Little Owl while it’s not jam-packed yet!

Little Owl

65 Broadway Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City

501.2036 | 0917.818.1468

Instagram: @little.owl.cafe