Author: Celine Reyes

Wim Pokemon Impersonations

WATCH: Hilarious Pokémon Impersonations

Pokémon GO is bound to take over our lives. So while we wait for it to be officially launched in the country, watch this uber funny video of Internet personality Brock Baker imitating the “calls” of …
WIM Hero dog 3

INSPIRING: Man and His “Hero Dog”

A netizen named Carl Santos posted on Saturday, July 9, several photos of an elderly man on a wheelchair with his pet dog. According to his post, the man is often seen asking for alms …
WIM Lahat bawal vid

WATCH: “Lahat Na Lang Bawal”

This is what it’s like when we’re trying to lose weight and we got someone to constantly reminds us what we should and shouldn’t supposed to eat: Pati hangin, bawal na kasi polluted. Huhu. But mama’s …