Author: Angelita Merced

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This Coworking Space is Perfect For Go-Getters

“I can’t wait to start working.”  That was our first thought once we entered 47 East, the co-working space in 47 Esteban Abada, Quezon City. (RELATED: Digital Marketing Training Workshops Launched to Help You Grow Your …
digital marketing for dummies

Digital Marketing 101: The Basics of Digital Marketing

First things first, what is digital marketing?  Nowadays, almost everyone is glued to their screens. Digital marketing is basically taking advantage of that situation and marketing products or services through the digital world. Digital marketing …
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21 Local Filipino Beauty YouTubers We Adore

Beauty goes beyond skin-deep when it comes to the Philippines’ YouTube beauty community. We’ve collated a list of Filipino beauty vloggers we adore. It’s not just because they can pull off the fiercest looks, but …