ATTENTION: We’re Looking for a Lost Dog Last Found Along Ortigas Avenue

Henri Ocier, the owner of the lost dog named Max, created a post on Facebook yesterday, September 12. He said that his dog had been missing since around 3:30PM of the same date after the little guy ran out of the grooming shop in Tiendesitas.

The owner, at the time, was waiting at Food Village on the second floor and he said that the only found out that Max got away when he checked on him. It seems like the groomers did not even bother to inform him about what happened.

Max lost

Max is a standard poodle who’s roughly around 15 inches tall from the withers. He was last seen by eye witnesses going up the EDSA-Ortigas flyover at around 5:00pm of September 12, counter-flowing.


Henri believes that someone got Max off the streets, worried that the other cars might hit him. As he said, “Sa tingin ko naman hindi siya nasagasaan, kasi wala naman ako nakita sa kalsada. I suspect someone, out of concern, took him off the streets. This is my hope. So please, share and share and share this post! I hope this reaches the person who took him in.

If anyone has news or information about dear little Max, please contact Henri at 0917-677-6996.

We’re really hoping for the best.