Ateneo Musicians’ Pool Celebrates 17th Birthday

Ateneo Musicians’ Pool, the school’s premiere music organization, celebrated its seventeenth birthday which is hardly an event of note, as it happens to be sandwiched between the Sweet Sixteenth and the year of debuts.

Turning seventeen usually goes by without more fanfare, however, last November 22, a birthday celebration of massive proportions was held at Ateneo’s Cervini Field.

Ateneo Musicians' Pool

Ateneo Musicians’ Pool Celebrates 17th Birthday


Ateneo Musicians’ Pool held its sweet, sweet seventeenth birthday, called hAMPy Birthday!

It was a night of song and celebration as Ateneo Musicians’ Pool, working with the various other organizations of the school, came together to bring out through music each cluster’s identity (for those of you that don’t know, a cluster is a group of organizations that share similar goals)!

The hAMPY Birthday celebration is actually only on its sophomore year. Last year’s celebration, however, was different in that it honored AMP’s rich music-making history by featuring bands from the org’s roster, both old and new.

This year, however, Ateneo Musician’s Pool took the celebration to a different direction by showing just how music was in everything, a nod to the org’s thrust this year.

What resulted was three hour high-energy show celebrating music in all forms and genres, ranging from the jazzy to the head-bangy.

Ateneo Musicians' Pool 2

Apart from being a birthday celebration, hAMPy had also become an avenue for raising funds for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda, selling items like buttons, balloons and glowsticks!

Despite it being the end of the event, the concertgoers were all still pumped and happy after an evening of great music. Indeed, it was a seventeenth birthday to remember and if anything, a birthday that shows that music is indeed in everything.

Ateneo Musicians' Pool 3

Happy, happy birthday to the Ateneo Musicians’ Pool, we’re all looking forward for your birthday celebrations to come!


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Ateneo Musicians’ Pool Celebrates 17th Birthday