ADMU Shortens Semester, Passes Students and Offers Tuition Refund

In a memo from the Office of the Vice President, the Ateneo de Manila University recently announced its contingency plan for the semester in light of the extended enhanced community quarantine.

ADMU will be shortening their semester to end on May 8 while giving eligible students a passing mark in their subjects and waiving certain conditions.

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The memo stipulated that all eligible non-graduating students will receive passing (P) marks instead of letter grades this semester and will consequently be automatically promoted to the next school year. Retention requirements for both major and minor programs will be waived for this school year, as well.

Graduating students have the option to either receive P marks or request for letter grades from their professors. They will be cleared to graduate as long as they satisfy the necessary requirements.

For both graduating and non-graduating students, the P marks will not be counted in the QPI, neither for the purpose of retention nor for honors.

In addition, ADMU is offering a refund of Php 20,000 from tuition fees and a 60% refund on lab fees to students.

ADMU also assures that all Loyola Schools employees will continue to receive their salaries and benefits for the remainder of the school year.

It states that this “is the most humane way of dealing with student grades under the circumstances that we are in”, justifying that it would “difficult and unfair to make a judgement of failure considering that students have not been given the benefit of a full semester to improve their performance.”

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