Asus Zenbook Prime and The Happiness 2.0


When In Manila – Friends and media partners of Asus Philippines have gathered at the Opus Bar and Lounge at Resorts World Manila to witness the unveiling of their newest Ultrabook — the Zenbook Prime.





To give you a heads-up, I am no techie kid here. I was a bit hesitant at first to attend an event like this where techbloggers usually enjoy these kind of events. I have gadgets, but to tinkle with their specs and whatnots? Give me a break. But I gave in and went for it and I was surprisingly happy when Asus Philippines did not talked much of the product’s specs, but what they highlighted about is their Happiness 2.0






According to Asus Philippines Marketing Manager Miss Jamie Zaldivar: “It’s not about the specs, it’s about the happiness of the customers with the 5 Senses.” These senses includes Beauty, Sound, Touch, Cloud and IOIC (Instant On, Instant Connect).





With BEAUTY, all Asus laptops will be stylish. No more flimsy plastics. On SOUND, all laptops will include Sonic Master which is their own brand that improves the overall sound quality. TOUCH is represented by the improved keyboard and touchpad. CLOUD features on the latest Asus laptops includes WebStorage where users can store data in the cloud. Finally, IOIC or Instant On, Instant Connect which gives you performance with features such as Super Hyper Engine II that allow Asus laptops 2 second boot times from Sleep and Instant Connect that easily connects to Wireless networks.






Lovin’ the Ultrathin edges of the Asus Zenbook Prime!



The keyboard with backlit! Perfect for typing even at dark!



When In Manila, the ASUS Zenbook Prime will makes its way on the Philippine market this June 2012 for approximately Php 69,000.00.

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Asus Zenbook Prime and The Happiness 2.0