Asia Brewery Brings Asahi Super Dry to the Philippines

Asahi Super Dry Beer - Philippine Launch

Not at all tipsy! Me holding a bottle of Asahi Super Dry



Asahi reveals that Asahi Super Dry is actually the result of an extensive consumer research done on beer drinkers in Japan. They were asked what they most preferred in their beer, and so Asahi created Asahi Super Dry.

What makes Asahi’s beer stand out includes three elements: yeast, select ingredients and a sophisticated brewing technology. The beer became a success in Japan because of the fresh and crisp taste, as well as the fact that the drink actually goes well with any food!


To test that claim, I went ahead and feasted on some of the┬áhors d’oeuvres being served. I must say the food tasted great with some cold Asahi Super Dry! I found it to be a mild-flavored alcohol with only 5% alcoholic content, which is always cool with me.