Arya: Authentic Persian Cuisine at Shangri-La Plaza Mall

When in Manila and looking to celebrate, go for an authentic and amazing adventure for your taste buds. Visit the 6th floor of Shangri-La Plaza Mall, and there you will find a place proudly decorated with Iranian art.



Arya Persian

 Welcome to Arya


Arya Persian Shangrila



After drinking in the intricate restaurant interior, it is a must that you take your eyes off the decorative metal works that comprise the chandelier. For if you will just look upon your table, your eyes will feast on a mouthwatering sight! 



Arya Dip Platter

Arya Dip Platter, Php 348
Combination of Hummus, Motabal, Tzitzaiki and Mirza Ghasemi served with 2 pieces of pita bread



Arya Beef Koobideh

Beef Koobideh, Php374



Arya - Platter of Lamb, Beef and Chicken Koobideh

 Special platter filled with sliced pork, lamb and chicken koobideh



We only have Dr. Shin Karami and his lovely wife to thank for bringing these splendid creations to the Philippines. Though a lot of Persian and Mediterranean restaurants can already be easily found in the metro, Arya offers a distinctive flavor in their dish and a terrific ambience onsite. 

To celebrate the grand opening of the best authentic Persian restaurant in Metro Manila, Arya invited belly dancers as a special treat for the guests! Hit the next page to see who else attended the grand opening celebration!