Angry Neighbor Curses Animal Activist

Angry Neighbor Curses Animal Activist


The following video and text was posted recently about an alleged angry neighbor.  

angry neighbor curses

Dear fellow volunteers and animal advocates,

My name is Ria and I very new in this group. Like many of you, I have been bitten with the animal advocacy bug. Because of that, I now have my own project at home. “Project Kapon and Project Adopt.” I feed a number of stray cats in our garage, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some are already spayed/neutered but there is still lot more. My timeline is to have them all adopted (spayed/neutered) before this year ends. It’s my own contribution to society using my own personal funds.

Yesterday, typhoon Glenda hit us. After the storm passed, we started cleaning outside. There were 2 dogs that went to my house so out of the goodness of my heart, i took the little dog with his labrador buddy back to the neighbour’s house far down the street. As I walked back towards my house, I saw an old lady wearing an orange shirt yelling at the top of her lungs complaining about cat poop. As I got nearer my house, she charged me and accused me that my cats poop inside her house. She is my front door neighbour. I wasn’t able to document via video but she cursed me, bullied me, threatened me, and humiliated me in front of our other neighbours. She repeatedly said words (excuse me for this) “Putang ina mo!” God bless my mom who is already in an urn just inside my house.

I ran back inside my house to grab my phone so I can still catch her on video cursing me at the top of her lungs. I made a short video. A testimonial plus actual videos of her. It’s still being uploaded in youtube and taking a while. I will share it also in this group plus other groups.

I am appealing to all of you. I need you help on what to do. Can I write to the president of our association about the incident? Its not about me fighting for the rights of the animals anymore, but she attacked me by cursing at me repeatedly resulting to me being humiliated in front of my neighbours.

Thank you in advance. Looking forward in receiving your sound advices.

God bless!


I was attacked by a Lady because I am an Animal Advocate


I was cursed at, called names, bullied, and threatened by a lady who is our front door neighbour in Paranaque all because I am helping animals (cats to be specific) in our community. I wasn’t able to document the actual event via video but I did manage to run back in my house to grab my phone and still catch a little glimpse of her on video. And still cursing me. Am I cat whisperer that I can tell the street cats I foster for the meantime with my project kapon and adopt to not just poop anywhere? I am actually doing them a favour coz they (the street cats) are not knocking down trash bins anymore. I can only do so much but at least I am doing something. And here she is, my neighbour who thinks she can just talk, sorry, yell trashy words at me. She said that she will kill all the cats. And that she doesn’t care about any animal welfare act (even if I specifically enumerated to her the repercussions of her action.) She just yelled back, “I don’t care!”


We are unable to find any information on the old lady at this time to get her side of the story. 

What is your take on this? 


Angry Neighbor Curses Animal Activist

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