Andrea Brillantes Unearths a Throwback Video With Joshua Garcia

Netizens are shookt as Andrea Brillantes unearths a throwback video with Joshua Garcia!

In a recent social media post, Brillantes and Garcia emoted to the sped-up version of the song “Sure Thing” by Miguel. Apparently, the two did the viral TikTok trend earlier this year after working side-by-side for a TV commercial. Brillantes wrote in the caption, “Draft from January! haha after our head and shoulders shoot!”

With both of them having millions of followers on their respective accounts, the video unsurprisingly blew up. It now has 1.4 million views, only a day after its publish date (Sept. 19).

People were also quick to react. Some said that Andrea and Joshua have on-screen chemistry, suggesting that they should form a love team. Meanwhile, one specific user asked Blythe to “fall in line” to the very long queue of Joshua’s admirers!

For those who haven’t seen it, watch the video below!

@blythe Draft from January! haha after our head and shoulders shoot! #fyp #draft ♬ Sure Thing (sped up) – Miguel

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