Andi Eigenmann Shares Why Surfer Boyfriend is ‘The One,’ and It’s #RelationshipGoals

Andi Eigenmann talking so openly about why she thinks her current partner, Philmar Alipayo, is the one for her is enough to make everyone feel super kilig.

In an interview with Toni Gonzaga for “I Feel U,” Andi shared what made being with Philmar so different from her previous relationships.

andi eigenmann philmar alipayo

“Obviously everybody knows that I’ve been in several relationships in the past. It’s not like I would get into the relationship expecting that it wouldn’t work out. But even if that’s not what I would have wanted in the past, mafi-feel mo pa rin ‘yun (you’d still feel it),” she said. “I would hope that this would have lasted forever or that you’re the one pero (but) deep inside mararamdaman mo na hindi ito ‘yung para sa ‘yo (you’d realize that it isn’t for you). With Philmar, I have none of that in my mind.”

“I never really liked [being asked about marriage] because I never saw myself getting married. But now with Philmar, I am already living the future that I wanted. We are already living it in the present. I guess I still have fears but I have no doubts,” she added.

andi eigenmann philmar alipayo lilo

Andi also talked about how Philmar helps her get through any struggle in her life by simply working it out with her without the unnecessary drama.

Hindi kami nag-aaway over petty things or kung mag-aaway man kami over petty things, it won’t really cause any damage to our relationship. We work together as partners. As much as ‘yung kwento namin is parang hopeless romantic… ‘yung relationship namin, hindi talaga. Para lang kaming magka-partner sa lahat tapos we just work together with everything,” she shared.

“I want to share my life now and the life that I will have in the future with him. There’s no one else that I can see myself being with. I guess that’s why he’s the one.”

Awww! So sweet!

Watch the full interview here.

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Andi currently lives with Philmar in Siargao with Andi’s eldest daughter, Ellie, and her one-year-old baby, Lilo. The couple is also expecting their second child together.

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