LOOK: Andi Eigenmann Is “Living Her Island Dreams” By Building Her Dream House

Former actress and surfer mom Andi Eigenmann might have just given birth to her second daughter, Lilo, but she’s not stopping to take any breaks. First, we have her 6 weeks post-partum and she’s already gearing up to get her fitness back on track. Now, she shares the news that the whole family is anticipating their ‘dream house’.

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She posted a photo on her Instagram of herself along with daughters Ellie and Lilo, her partner Philmar Alipayo, and his son. They looked like the definition of a happy family, standing in front of an unfinished structure.


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“Living my island dreams have been nothing short of amazing sharing it with you @chepoxz! Salamat karajaw. Our dream house slowly coming together. We are happy and looking forward to share it with all of you soon!,” Andi excitedly shared in the caption.

It only makes sense that a family so in love with the water would choose an island destination like Surigao Del Norte.

Andi’s firstborn, Ellie, recently had her first experience riding the waves while Andi herself has already gone back to swimming in the ocean after her c-section surgery.

Of course, Philmar’s connection to the ocean needs no explanation as he is a pro-surfer himself. It’s only a matter of time before baby Lilo becomes a water baby, too!

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