Andi Eigenmann Shares Her Postpartum Diet and Workout Routine

Now at six weeks postpartum, Andi Eigenmann is finally ready to get back to focusing on her health and fitness!

The proud mother of two took to Instagram stories to share her workout routine and diet regimen to her fans and followers.

andi eigenmann postpartum workout diet 1

“Finally!! 6 weeks [postpartum] means I get to work-out already! First day back – 20-30min. circuit targetting lower body!” Andi said.

She mentioned that she does her exercise routine of “mostly stretches, squats, simple exercises for diastasis recti” in her room while her newborn baby Lilo slept.

She also revealed that she’s back to a pescetarian diet ever since giving birth. “Lots and lots of water, no processed carbs, no unnatural sugars, no dairy as much as possible (pizza), no white rice,” she added.

andi eigenmann postpartum workout diet 2

andi eigenmann postpartum workout diet 3

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Andi gave birth to Lilo through caesarean section on July 23.

Do you have postpartum diet and exercise tips for new moms too? Share them in the comments!