An Open Letter to President Aquino from the OFWs in Qatar

No one is happy about the increasing number of victims of the Laglag bala scam (except maybe the airport officials who are benefiting from it). Besides causing a decline in our country’s tourism, the ridiculous scam is also causing unsuspecting passengers thousands of pesos, including OFWs who are sacrificing so muchh just to work for their families.

That being said, Ressie Fos wrote this open letter to President Aquino in behalf of the 200,000 OFWs in Qatar.

Open Letter from Qatar

Rough English Translation:

Dear His Excellency President Aquino,

The Hamad International Airport is one of the most beautiful airports in the entire world, this is because of the organized system and especially its security. Their security equipment is sophisticated and high tech, which is why you can consider it as self-incrimination or suicide to try and bring in illegal objects in the Qatar’s airport.

The OFWs here in Qatar know how strict the government is in implementing these rules, which is why we think so highly of them and need to discipline ourselves further to prevent getting into any misunderstandings with the law.

How is it that one of our fellow Filipinos who also works here in Qatar was caught with a bullet in her bag when we know that even if she got through NAIA, it would be impossible to get through Qatar’s security.

Just recently, another OFW from Qatar had her belongings stolen at the conveyor area in NAIA. When the CCTV was checked, it was discovered that the cameras in that area were not even working.

There are about 200,000 OFWs here in Qatar. All of us have been through a lot. We endure the heat that’s about 50 degrees Celsius just so we can work hard for our loved ones in the Philippines and accept the pain of being far away from our families.

We feel so much joy and excitement at the idea of coming home because after a long time, we will finally get to see our loved ones again. On the other hand, our world crumbles with every step we take that distance us from our homes as we watch the wailing spouse and crying children creaming our names, begging us not to leave each time we need to return to once again face the difficulties of life abroad.

On top of all these, we worry that our future and dreams might be destroyed just like that because of one bullet that never once in our life have we ever touched.

Dear President Aquino, Sir, for us, the “Tanim Bala” is one very serious and critical issue that needs to be addressed at the soonest time possible. Please have mercy on us. Thank you.

With much respect,

on behalf of the 200,000 OFWs in Qatar,

Engr. Ressie S. Fos

It’s sad how fellow Filipinos are taking advantage of others just for their own selfish needs. Many innocent lives are getting destroyed just because of this scam. People are paying hundreds of thousands or even losing their jobs just because of this. We at are one with the OFWs in calling out to President Aquino and even Mayor Duterte that this issue be laid to rest once and for all.

What do you think of this?

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