An Open Letter To A Millennial Nation

Cannon Lee - A Letter To A Millenial Nation - Final Thought

Dear Millennials,

If you are 35 years of age or younger, I am writing to you. Millennials consist of just a tad bit over 60% of the Philippines’ population, and we need to become more intentional about our growth. After all, we are the future! Nearly 90% of all millennials would rather be unemployed rather than not doing something that is related to what they are passionate about. Just look around the next time you go to work. Reflect on the previous working days of this week. Can’t you see, hear, and sometimes even feel how dissatisfaction and disengagement are driving us down? Deep down, not many people really like getting caught up in the 9 to 5, swing or graveyard shift with the same rigid, redundant and systematic approach between clocking in and out. Aside from reaping the benefits of work every two weeks, what other meaning does your work bring to your life? Write it down on a piece of paper. If you come up with more than seven meanings, I applaud you with a slow golf clap.

When I was younger, I had a very narrow outlook in life with no clear direction in sight. There were so many professions and social circles to choose from and I dabbled in just about all that came in my path. I call this the “attraction of distraction”… There are so many avenues in life that suggest you go one way or another. But the real dilemma is figuring out what you actually want and the discipline to focus until you achieve it. Did you know most adults do not find their preferred career until their 30s? Think about it. How many people do you know who went through their 20s building their resume, landing different jobs with bigger and bigger salaries, with their focus solely being on acquiring more money and material possessions? And for nothing else more when, in fact, there is such an abundance on this wonderful planet?

I’ve noticed throughout my journey and meeting so many people that integrity and company culture goes overlooked when laying out the blueprint in what builds an organization. What you’ll read here now, in this page and the next, are some little knowledge bombs that I will drop for you.

It seems not many people want to pull the trigger and say these things that are imperative towards personal and professional growth, so I will.

Cannon Lee - A Letter To A Millenial Nation - The Mortar Is In Plain Sight (2)

The Mortar Is In Plain Sight

Integrity is the mortar that holds all other values together and ensures conscientious action is taken in every activity or area for the betterment of the organization of people, with no orchestration of self-serving or unseen personal agendas shrouded by a black curtain or blinded by a spotlight. If you’ve wondered why individuals come and go from organizations…on the outside, it appears awe-inspiring, but once on the inside, it could be a different sight. Without the mortar, no matter how well the blueprint by a master engineer is made, the structure will exemplify unsuspecting individuals coming and often leaving after the close observation that the structure is unsafe to be in.

Cannon Lee - A Letter To A Millenial Nation - What's Holding You Back

Humility Is A Virtue

With just a little ounce of willingness, you’ll be surprised what it can attract into your lifejust like the strength of gravity pulling things towards earth. Pride, on the other hand, when applied wrongly and haphazardly, infects deep down to the core values and weakens an individual or organization and what it attracts. Usually, what is pulled in is more egocentric pride instead of servitude. Your true pride isn’t measured by what you’ve accomplished. But other people’s pride in you, that’s what really matters.

Cannon Lee - A Letter To A Millenial Nation - Humility Is A Virtue

What’s Holding You Back?

I presume decisiveness and certainty. Two words that have the power to create and destroy if not used with assertiveness and discernment. Create more reasons ‘to do’ than ‘not to do’ and you’ll get the results you want. How often has something come your way, passing you by, and only when you look back do you realize the actual value of what could’ve been grabbed. It was just within reach.

That’s a deflating experience of losing. Think about it. You then get trapped in what I call the ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’ frame of mind. Opportunities are plentiful, they come and go, but privileges are earned when the value is seen.

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