An Intimate Night with Razorback: Unplugged on Oct 3

An Intimate Night with Razorback: Unplugged on Oct 3Razorback-Poster-jpeg

Good Times KTV has always been known for Karaoke in the Fort Strip, Taguig City. For three (3) years, if anyone in Bonifacio Global City wants to sing the night away, they proceed to the 3rd floor of The Fort Strip and visit Good Times.

Now, after a year of planning, the famous KTV has branched out as a Music Lounge! Good Times probably has the biggest square footage area in The Fort Strip. It is divided in the KTV area and bar area. The bar area used to be just a receiving area for those who wanted to Karaoke. If they were done singing, they would proceed to the bar area and grab a few drinks to finish the night away.

“We managed to do some redecorating and make use of the potential space we had,.” said Aleks Briones, General Manager of Good Times Music Lounge. “You don’t see that much band set-up in the Fort Strip. I wanted to bring back the times where people used to chill in bars and just enjoy the music from the bands. The folks who were born during the 90’s know what I’m talking about, “ he added. “I miss having to hear good music in bars. Not just from the bands. But the music selection in general. You don’t get to hear a lot of variety these days since it’s the EDM era. I love the genre, don’t get me wrong. I listen to it myself. But sometimes, you just want to sit back and listen to something else.”

Good Times Music Lounge started minor construction last July to make way for a performance stage. According to Mr. Briones, the new Music Lounge will have weekly bands every Thursday to Saturday.

The Good Times Music Lounge opens this Friday, 3 October with RAZORBACK as their guest band. ​and




An Intimate Night with Razorback: Unplugged on Oct 3

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