Cute Skirts in Manila from Always Modish: Claim your confidence

 Cute Skirts in Manila from Always Modish: Claim your confidence!

When In Manila, or anywhere else, “you are what you wear” is a popular saying. I, however, am a firm believer in dressing for myself. I say wear whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful, despite what others say. So long as you do not don something extremely inappropriate for the occasion, there is no going wrong with a piece that boosts your self esteem.

A go to staple in my wardrobe are skirts. These feminine pieces always give my ego the girly boost I need on off days. So, imagine my amusement when this package from Always Modish surprised me.

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They sent in 2 pouches with 5 skirts all with different fun prints. I decided to have fun with them and build different looks with the different skirts:


More details:



Always Modish is a purely Filipino brand which caters to the Filipina’s different styles. There are so any different prints and patterns to choose from!




Our resident model @iamSheilaSnow showing off her favorite Always Modish skirts



Armie of Always Modish tells me that “each skirt is classic, collectible, and friendly to all fashion taste of women.”



Pictured here are their pencil skirts and bandage skirts. Aside from the different materials used (the pencil skirts are made of  Lytex while the bandage skirts are made of spandex), I didn’t notice any difference in terms of how they fit me. This is not a problem though, as I found that they fit quite well.


The pencil skirt, like pictured below, also has a lining. The material used in these skirts isn’t as thin as those you’d usually find being sold elsewhere.

The prints are nice, clean, and classy.


 When in Manila, claim your confidence with these beautiful skirts from Always Modish. I leave you with an excerpt from famous author and feminist Eve Ensler’s poem entitled ‘My Short Skirt’:

“My short skirt is not proof

that I am stupid

or undecided

or a malleable little girl.

My short skirt is my defiance

I will not let you make me afraid

My short skirt is not showing off

this is who I am

before you made me cover it

or tone it down.

Get used to it.

My short skirt is happiness

I can feel myself on the ground.

I am here. I am hot.”

-Eve Ensler, ‘My Short Skirt’


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Cute Skirts in Manila from Always Modish: Claim your confidence!