Always Keep Your Car Doors Locked! Carnappers Attack Even with Passengers Still Inside

We always try to be extra careful when out in public or on the road. We secure our belongings, double check our locks or even carry pepper spray to keep ourselves safe. However, it’s scary when criminals attack when you least expect it.

Krizza V. shares a story of how their car almost got stolen while they were still in it! Read her post below:

“Don’t know how to start pero sabi ng mama ko need ko daw to i-share to warn everyone na may cars. Kanina po along Banawe St., QC nagpark po kami bumama papa ko and ninong ko. Mga 6 meters lang yung distance nila samin pero nakatalikod sila. Kampante kami na hindi nakalock yung car doors. Mabilis lang naman kasi dapat sila so nag hazard lang kami along the street. Then nagulat nalang kami ng may biglang sumakay na lalake sa passenger seat at tinatawag na niya yung kasama niya para umupo sa driver’s seat. Akala siguro nila walang tao kasi heavy tinted car namin. Hinawakan namin yung guy pero wala siyang pakialam tinatawag padin niya kasama niya para magdrive. Sobra kong natulala pero ang naisip ko nalang that time is hawakan yung shift gear. Habang sinisigawan ng mama ko na bumaba yung isang guy. Nung nakita ng 2nd na guy na nagkakagulo na kami di na siya tumuloy pumasok sa car namin. Tumakbo siya tapos tumakbo nalang din yung guy na naunang sumakay. May nagaabang sa kanilang Honda Accord tapos madali silang tumakas. Di na namin napansin kung ano yung plate number. Nakakatrauma yung experience kaya mag-iingat po tayo. Always lock your car’s doors. Lalo na sa mga tulad kong girls na nagdadrive alone. Thank You po Lord kasi safe kami and di nawala samin baby kong pogi.”

potential carnap

Rough English Translation:

“I don’t know how to start but my mom told me I needed to share my story to warn everyone who has cars. Earlier today along Banawe St., QC, we parked our car and my godfather and dad got off. They were just about 6m. away with their backs turned. Given that, we felt it was okay to leave the car doors unlocked. They would just be quick so we just turned the hazard on while parked on the street. We were surprised when a man suddenly got in the passenger seat and started shouting for his partner to sit in the driver’s seat. They must’ve thought the car was empty as it was heavily tinted. We held the guy but he didn’t seem to care and just continued calling his partner. I was shocked but I thought to just hold on to the gear to keep them from moving while my mom continuously shouted at the guy to get out.  When the 2nd guy saw that there was a commotion, he opted not to push through with his plan and ran. The guy in the passenger seat also got out and ran. A Honda Accord was waiting for them. They quickly got in and fled.  I wasn’t able to take note of the plate number. The experience was so traumatic so please remember to take care. Always lock your car doors especially for girls who drive alone. Thank Lord we are safe and my handsome baby was not taken from us. “

Wow! It’s scary to think that merely leaving your doors unlock for a short while, even while still inside could’ve caused these people their vehicle.. or worse, their lives. Always remember to take care and be extra vigilant!

What do you guys think of Krizzia’s story? Have you heard of a similar incident?


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