Alfie Alley: Where Street Culture, Art, Music, and Drinks Collide in the World of Alfonso Brandy

While change is inevitable, a few things remain the same: our love for art and how we celebrate occasions with our family and friends. Such was this event that recently happened in Pop-Up, Katipunan. Welcome to Alfie Alley, where the vibrant worlds of street culture, art, music, and drinks converge in a celebration of Alfonso Brandy. 

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Photo by: Jeremae Belmonte

One of the highlights of Alfie Alley was the showcase of the three sensational Alfonso Brandy variants, each with its own sari-sari-store-inspired booths. Not only did they offer a tantalizing taste of the finest brandy, but they also featured limited edition merchandise and exciting games that added to the fun and excitement of the event. It was a feast for the senses as guests indulged in the rich flavors of Alfonso Brandy while immersing themselves in the creative and energetic street culture vibes.

Sales and Marketing Director of Montosco Inc. Ms. Lauren Tanganco together with Alfie Alley host Alex Diaz and street artist Mr. Dennis Bato

Photo by: Alfonso Brandy PH: Sales and Marketing Director of Montosco Inc. Ms. Lauren Tanganco, together with Alfie Alley host Alex Diaz and street artist, Mr. Dennis Bato

The drink was overflowing, and so was the fun! Over at the Alfonso Light Booth, guests were all smiles as they posed for pictures at the Alfie Alley Photobooth, decked out in their trendy Alfie caps and shirts. It was the perfect opportunity to capture the memories and show off their street-style swag! Furthermore, thrill-seekers flocked to the Alfonso Zero Booth for some friendly competition. The Al-Flip Cup game had everyone on their toes, vying for the title of the ultimate flipper. With exciting prizes up for grabs, the energy was electric as participants cheered on their friends and strategized their way to victory. It was a game that brought out the competitive spirit in everyone, adding an extra dose of excitement to the event!

Guests enjoy the event with participation in booth activities and some alfie quiz games where they can play and win prizes

Photo by Alfonso Brandy PH

But it wasn’t just about the drinks and the merchandise at Alfie Alley. It was about creating an experience that harked back to the good old days of enjoying a glass of brandy with friends, relishing in the warmth of camaraderie and the joy of shared moments. It was a celebration of the OG way of gathering with your tropa, savoring life’s simple pleasures, and making memories that would last a lifetime.


Photo by: Jeremae Belmonte

Inspired by the rich street culture that defines the Philippines, this jaw-dropping artwork is a testament to Filipino pride. With its vibrant colors and captivating details, it’s a visual masterpiece that’s sure to leave you in awe and make for the perfect backdrop for those Instagram-worthy selfies. In fact, the Sales and Marketing Director of Alfonso brandy, Lauren Tanganco, stated that “Alfie Alley is really about the tropang Alfie, which is our drinker and our consumer, and we want to give them space to enjoy, relax, unwind, enjoy great music, beautiful street art, and of course, enjoy the drinking of Alfonso brandy,” said Lauren when asked about the inspiration behind this Alfie Alley launch. 

And we have a lot of talented artists! We must showcase them. This is also to commemorate the Art Month,” she added.

Mr. Dennis Bato the designer behind the new bottle design Alfonso Brandys giant bottle and Alfie Alley graffiti wall

Photo by Alfonso Brandy PH (Street Artist Dennis Bato)

Alfonso Brandy really makes us feel that we matter because, together with the new size of Alfonso Light Brandy, they also launch their new merchandise, such as T-shirts and caps. The exclusive merchandise was designed to be a keepsake so that wherever you go, you will remember the happiness you felt when you were with your barkada. You can purchase Alfonso merchandise at the Alfie Alley event, so watch out for the next #AlfieAlley.

An epic party wouldn’t be complete without the music! We all know that Pinoys have a special place in their hearts for music, and at this culture-themed event, they brought together an incredible lineup of the hottest bands and artists. Everyone had a blast with SSUT, Hulo Band, John Roa, I Belong To The Zoo, and Urbandub, as they set the stage on fire and made it a momentous night to remember!

Be part of the vibrant Alfie Alley community and discover the perfect blend of street culture, art, music, and drinks. It’s an event like no other, where you can indulge in your love for Filipino culture while enjoying the company of friends and like-minded individuals. With each event promising new surprises, unique experiences, and endless fun, you’ll be counting down the days until the next Alfie Alley extravaganza!

So, gather your crew, grab your Alfie caps and shirts, and get ready for a truly unforgettable time at Alfie Alley. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this momentous event and create memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready to groove, laugh, and celebrate the best of street culture at Alfie Alley! See you on May 20 in Tagaytay and May 27 in La Union! Let’s make it an “Alfie-tastic” affair that you’ll remember for years to come. See you there, “Alfie-natics”!

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