Alden Richards Shares His Secret On How To Smell Good Even When Working Out

There are guys who look like they just got out of the shower always looking and smelling fresh. I always wondered how these guys managed to look “amoy malinis” even while working out or doing sweat-inducing activities. One of the guys who always look and smell good is our Pambansang Bae, Alden Richards.

Alden Richards is definitely one of the most sought after stars in the Philippines today. With one project after another, it’s amazing how he can balance all this while keeping himself fit and fresh.

When Alden posts a shirtless selfie or flexing his biceps on Instagram, fans go crazy and now, he is sharing some of his workout secrets.

In a recent post, Alden shares that he is confident when working out because he is not worried about smelling bad despite sweating. “I’m ready to give it my all and sweat kasi confident akong amoy malinis kahit pawis. Game ba kayo?”, he shared on his Instagram.


When asked what is his secret to keeping his clothes smelling good even when working out, Alden swears by Tide Instabrite to always get that clean and fresh look, without fear of “mag amoy-pawis!”

Alden shares that his new favorite, Tide Instabrite, deep cleans his clothes to remove the hidden dirt that causes the “amoy-pawis” when you sweat to keep his clothes clean and smelling good.

Though Alden is working every day for his noontime show, Alden still finds time to stay fit and exercise. He says he does a mix of cardio, muscle gain, and core strengthening when working out at home- all this while keeping fresh and smelling good!

Aside from Alden, fellow celebrities like Enchong Dee, Kirk Bondad, Luis Manzano, and Edu Manzano are sharing some of their tips on how their clothes stay fresh no matter what. Check out the video below and see how your clothes can also smell clean and fresh all the time.

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