Alcoholic Beverage Companies are Asking for the Liquor Ban to be Lifted

Along with the enhanced community quarantine came several limitations, including a liquor ban in various areas in the Philippines. This was done with the intention to prevent intoxication and to stop people from meeting up to drink during the quarantine. Unfortunately, the ban has also taken a toll on alcoholic beverage companies in the country.

According to the Center for Alcohol Research and Development (CARD), “If this ban continues, the industry can no longer survive, a situation that can affect a large sector of the community”.


CARD points out that people can always drink moderately. “Alcohol consumption can be taken in moderation by responsible individuals of the society who are accustomed to drinking alcohol,” they said, adding that their industry is currently in much unnecessary peril. They also point out that there is no need to limit the flow of alcohol since the buying freedom of the people is already limited by the ECQ.

Do you think the liquor ban should be lifted?

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