Airline Passenger Bill of Rights – Know Your Rights Before Flying

Airline Passenger Bill of Rights – Know Your Rights Before Flying


The worst part during the holidays is getting stuck in the chaos of the airport. With all the congestion, and growth in the travel sector, do not be surprised to get embroiled in delays, cancellations, and even getting bumped off!

While these hassles have almost been part of travelling, we should not let ourselves be a victim of maltreatment from airline companies. There is an actual bill of rights that is supposed to protect us, and tell us what the airline is supposed to provide us under the law.

For instance, did you know that provided you have reached the check in area (by the cordon or in the general check in area) at the prescribed time of check in, they are obliged to accept you as a passenger and not consider you a no show?

How about that if you are in an overbooked flight, it is the obligation of the airline company to ask passengers to volunteer being moved to another flight, and provide compensation/reward (some provide money, others provide upgrades) for those willing to take the next flight?

The Airline Passenger Bill of Rights was put in place by the government primarily because of the need of a law to make travelling fair for passengers as well.


Airline Passenger Bill of Rights - Know your rights before flying


To make things more convenient, we have provided below with a presentation document presenting each and every law. Please take time to go through each section. In the end, you will definitely not regret this new information.

Another word of advice. Please go to the end and visit the link to the official government site where the document came from, and download or print the file. Whenever you travel, you can bring this document with you in the event of problems at the airport.



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Airline Passenger Bill of Rights – Know Your Rights Before Flying