Against the Current Rocks Manila During Their In Our Bones World Tour

against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-atc2aChrissy on stage w/ Roo and Joe in the background

against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-joeJoe M. Simmons

against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-rooRoo Buxton

Against the Current played some songs from their latest album In Our Bones, including “Running with the Wild Things”, “Young and Relentless”, “Wasteland” (one of their favorite tracks), and the title track “In Our Bones”. The band also sang other songs from the album, such as “Roses”, “Chasing Ghosts”, and “Brighter” (Author’s note: Brighter was also a track from their Gravity EP). They also pulled out songs from the past and performed “Outsiders”, “Paralyzed”, and an acoustic version of “Infinity”.



against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-will2Dan (top) and Will (bottom) during the acoustic portion of the concert

Also known for their great covers, ATC performed a Justin Bieber acoustic medley of “Cold Water” and “Love Yourself”. The band then joked around the stage about Justin Bieber with Will mistaking “The Biebs” for another singer named Justin.

against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-chrissy5Chrissy on stage


Against the Current closed the concert with their hit song “Another You (Another Way)”. The audience loudly chanted “A-T-C” the concert ‘ended’ that night. The band went back on stage for their encore run and started with “Dreaming Alone”, a song the band made alongside Taka from One Ok Rock.  Chrissy, Dan, and Will capped off the night by singing “Gravity” to the crowd.


against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-crowd1The crowd @ the ATC In Our Bones World Tour Manila

The concert was definitely one for the books. The atmosphere was electric from start to finish. Against the Current really brought their A-game and rocked the concert venue. The fans were so into the concert that they sang along to all of the songs.

Even technical problems did not ruin the night as the crowd still cheered and sang along to ATC’s songs.

I would like to give a BIG thank you to Against the Current for one amazing night! As a fan, it’s always a special feeling to see one of your favorite bands perform live and this was one of them. Special thanks also go to DMC Philippines and Phoenix Productions for inviting us to the concert.  Here’s hoping Against the Current will make their return to the Philippines soon.

WIM Pictures by: Gia Soriano and EJ Bonagua

Were you also at the concert?  What was your favorite song that night? Comment below! 🙂