Against the Current Rocks Manila During Their In Our Bones World Tour

against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-smokeAgainst the Current

If you’re a Manila fan of “Against the Current”, then we hope you were at the Sky Dome for their concert last Saturday! Chrissy Costanza, Daniel Gow, and Will Ferri (with back-up guitarists Joe M. Simmons and Roo Buxton) made their return and had one stellar concert at the Sky Dome in SM North EDSA last September 10, 2016 as part of their In Our Bones World Tour.

This is their third visit to the country since their first concert in 2014 with Alex Goot at the CCP Main Theater and last year’s concert at the Metrotent for their 2015 Gravity World Tour. Just like their previous two performances in Manila, Against the Current totally rocked the stage last Saturday.


against-the-current-rocks-manila-for-the-third-time-when-in-manila-mng2A couple of fans with Against the Current for the meet and greet

Hours before the show, a number of lucky fans got to meet the band for a meet-and-greet session. The fans lined up outside the venue as early as the lunch hours (and some maybe even BEFORE lunch) just to meet Against the Current, reinforcing the fact that the band really has a strong and dedicated fan base in the Philippines.

against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-gracenote1Gracenote on stage

against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-gracenote2 ‎Eunice Jorge of Gracenote

Gracenote started the concert to help the crowd get hyped for the rest of the night. The band played some of their original songs at the Sky Dome, such as “I Will Wait” and “Taciturn”. Gracenote also did covers of The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down” and Stevie B’s “When I Dream About You”. Once the opening act ended, the fans were waiting with bated breath to see Against the Current on stage.

against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-atcChrissy, Dan, and Will of Against the Current

against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-chrissy2 Chrissy Costanza

Against the Current arrived on-stage and blew the roof off the venue with their crowd-pleasing songs “Runaway” and “Forget Me Now”, both coming from the band’s newly released album “In Our Bones”. They rounded up the opening set with “Talk” from their 2015 EP “Gravity”.

against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-danDan Gow

against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-willWill Ferri

against-the-current-rocks-manila-in-our-bones-world-tour-when-in-manila-chrissy1Chrissy on the mic

Chrissy told the crowd in between songs that she dubbed the Philippine crowd as the “loudest country on the face of planet today…maybe even in the solar system or the galaxy.” She noticed that the Filipino fans are the loudest every time they perform in the country. The band also greeted a young member of the audience a very happy birthday.

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