Aga Muhlach called Lea Salonga “the one that got away” in his love letter

This could be the purest thing you’ll see on the internet today.

We know Lea Salonga today as a world-renowned musical theater superstar, but back in the day she was the girl-next-door who starred with Aga Muhlach in the film “Sana Maulit Muli”, and talks of a third movie starring the two spurred hope among fans to see them reunited onscreen!

Lea Salonga Aga Muhlach

Earlier this year, however, Lea revealed that prospects of a third Aga-Lea movie have soured. Yet fans have rediscovered this gem of a love letter written by Aga, and it’s just enough for fans to clamor for that third movie!

This touching letter, penned by her former leading man, was featured in Lea Salonga’s book Playlist: A Celebration of 35 Years released in 2013. Although they are now married to the loves of their lives, fans couldn’t help but think of all the “what-ifs” had their team-up turned into a real-life romance!

You only have to read the first line to tear up:

“Lea is the one that got away. And she never knew.”

FEELS. The actor goes on to an honest confession about how Lea saved him when he was at his lowest point in his career:

“It was 1992, and I was at the very bottom of the industry. Walang wala ako noon. Wala akong pera, wala akong career, but with Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal, I made my comeback. It was the right movie with the right girl at the right time. Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal resurrected my career. So lahat ng sumunod — awards, accolades, box office success — was, in no small part, because of her. Dahil sa kanya, umangat ako. That movie saved me. Lea saved me.”

Aga also goes on how Lea didn’t know how much he loved her, and that to him, Lea was the unattainable girl:

“She never knew how much I loved her. It was a lifetime ago, I was a young man on fire with passion, as all young men of a certain age are. I wooed fair ladies, and dreamed of shaping the world.”

Yet, as we know, that real-life love story never happened yet the two have remained close friends:

“Lea is the one that got away. And she never knew. So now she knows. We are older and wiser now, we have gone our own ways, we are no longer the same. But the fire has not ebbed. Rather it has grown deeper, stronger, quieter, more enduring. I love her still, but perhaps because she got away, I have her as a friend now, and so I will always have her.”

Give us that third movie now!

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