Affordable Steak in Metro Manila: Slice N Dice Char-Grilled Steaks

Char-grilled steaks for Php99, anyone?

Of American origins, the char-grilled steak topped with rich steak gravy and a side of freshly mashed potatoes has traditionally been – in Filipino society – a rich man’s indulgence.

Slice N’ Dice Char-grilled Steaks is the first steak fast food chain that serves premium char-grilled steaks at budget-friendly prices. The fastfood chain’s mission is to transform this rich man’s meal into everyman’s affordable luxury.

The first store on West Avenue, Quezon City opened on October 23, 2006. Thousands of char-grilled steaks later, Slice n Dice has expanded to 20 stores. The Ali Mall Cubao branch opened very recently on September 7, 2010.

What sets Slice n Dice apart from the other prominent steakhouses in the metropolis is that for only Php99, anyone can delight themselves with a hefty char-grilled T-Bone Steak. The menu comprises of classic Filipino and Western dishes that have become time-tested favorites of the average Filipino consumer.

There are other savory steaks like Steak-ala-Pobre and Garlic Steak which, even if slightly priced higher, are favorite orders and are heaped onto food trays faster than you can say ala-pobre. Equally popular among diners are the steak rice in various flavors and the budget busters like kangkong stir-fry, cheezy garlic mussels, cream dory fillet, steak salpicao, chicken steak, and garlic pork tenderloin.

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Buy one, take one T-Bone steak for only Php99 at Slice N’ Dice through!

When in Manila and looking for some affordable steaks, check out Slice N’ Dice Char-Grilled Steaks! Along with your Char-Grilled Steak (recommend the T-Bone Steak), be sure to try out their kangkong stir-fry and cheezy garlic mussels, too!

Slice N’ Dice Char-Grilled Steaks

AliMall Ground Floor, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City

5421880 / 09062549658

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