Aeta worker returns envelope found at Clark Airport with US Dollars amounting to P51,000!

An Aeta worker was praised by The Clark International Airport Corp. (CIAC) for his actions of reportedly returning an envelope with $100 bills which amount to around P51,000, on Wednesday, July 17.


On the second floor of Clark International Airport, 42-year-old Grace Laxamana was working when she noticed an envelope that was left behind on one of the chairs.

Laxamana recalled her experience like this: “I thought it was just play money and immediately took the envelope and turned it over to airport operations officer Raymund Salazar who examined the contents. It turned out that the money was genuine.”

Jaime Melo, the CIAC President, said that Laxamana began to work for them in 2006 and it is their duty to return unattended items.

“We’re proud of what Ms. Laxamana did. Her honesty is even more glaring since what she found was an untraceable envelope. Her good deed is truly worthy of emulation by all airport employees,” Melo said.

Currently, the money has been deposited to their lost-and-found section where it may already be claimed by the rightful owner, according to Melo.

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